The Watercolour Society of Queensland (WSQ) is an incorporated Association and was founded in 1986. See our history page for more information.

Today, WSQ operates from shared premises known as the Hub, that are part of the Brisbane Visual Arts Community (BVAC) located at 140 Weller Rd Tarragindi QLD 4121. Office Hours are 9am to 12noon on the first, third and fifth Thursday of each month.


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our mission

WSQ is managed by volunteers whose purpose is;

  • To encourage participation in watercolour painting at all levels.
  • To promote public awareness, knowledge and appreciation of watercolour painting;
  • To provide opportunity for adults/ adolescents/ children to participate in the practice and presentation of watercolour painting;
  • To provide community access to the presentation/ display/ demonstration of works of watercolour painting.
  • To provide opportunities for the study of, and tuition and training in watercolour painting, and a forum for the free discussion of all matters related to the Objects of the Association;
  • To co-operate and to affiliate with groups, bodies, agencies and individuals with interests similar to the Objects of the Association;
  • To provide or to obtain venues, facilities and resources for the activities related to the Object of the Association and, where possible, in cooperation with the other cultural organisations;
  • To pursue a standard of excellence in respect of all Objects and activities of the Association;
  • To do all things, and to take all actions expedient, incidental and conducive to the achievement of the above Objects

our history

The Watercolour Society of Queensland was founded in 1986 by two Sunshine Coast artists, namely Lois Beumer and Janet O’Kines. Along with a steering group of six supportive watercolourists, Lois and Janet started a journey that would lead to the formation of Queensland’s own Watercolour Society.

The aims of this small group of pioneer-artists were to:

  • provide an alliance for all artists working in water-based media,
  • encourage the practice of watercolour painting,
  • hold exhibitions, and
  • encourage wider appreciation and ownership of watercolour paintings.

The 1986 inaugural Exhibition was held in the foyer of the AMP Gold Tower Building in Eagle Street. Then there were various other venues, until the Society established its own six galleries between 1991 and 2009. Since 2012, many guests and visitors have had the pleasure of seeing these wonderful displays of art, as you see here tonight, in the Auditorium of the Brisbane Botanical Gardens.

The Watercolour Society of 2018 can proudly say that our founders’ historical aims are alive and well. Exhibition sales in recent years confirm that the wider community do appreciate quality watercolour paintings from WSQ artists. Visitors are investing in watercolour paintings and proudly displaying them in their homes.

For more information on the history of WSQ, follow the links.