Exhibition/Art Sale Form

Download the conditions of entry and Exhibition/Art Sale Form to submit your entries to the Watercolour Society Annual Sale 2020.

Fill the Exhibition/Art Sale Form to submit your work. CLICK HERE to access the Form.

This year due to the COVID -19 restrictions, we are not having our regular exhibition for members. However, alternately we have come up with an Annual Art Sale for members to display, showcase, and sell their work.

The Exhibition/Annual Art Sale 2020, will be held from 4th November to the 10th of November 2020. Location:  The Coro   28 McDougall Street.  MILTON.

Entry Fee:  

  • Framed paintings up to ½ size.  $10
  • Framed paintings ½ – 1/1 size $20
  • Unframed – matted.  $5

Commission:     NIL  

Following are the dates members should keep in mind:

  • Delivery paintings on Monday 2nd November, 
  • Hang your paintings on 3rd November 
  • Exhibition/Art Sale Open to the public from Wednesday 4th November to Tuesday 10th November.

 There will be no judging and no Prizes. The best of the best of our Watercolour Artists will display their work for sale to Art lovers and enthusiasts to purchase.   

The Watercolour Annual Sale is for our members to display and have the opportunity to SELL their artwork.  

There will be a People’s Choice competition.  This gives the people visiting the exhibition a chance to have their say and vote for their favourite artwork.

There will be 2 categories.    The winner will receive

Category 1:   Traditional and Mixed medium – an unframed – matted painting

Category 2:   Tread Softly challenge:    3 Tread Softly bottles of wine.