A small selection of outstanding works produced by the Watercolour Society of Queensland’s members. The Gallery is a platform to showcase some of the member’s latest paintings.

The effects of the medium with its translucent properties give it a subtlety of depth and flow creating feelings of calm and tranquillity.

Watercolour is simply a water-soluble paint with translucent properties. The opacity gives an illumination to the paintings at the same time maintaining its bold, rich colours. The mood and feelings expressed through this medium are simply transcendent.

Szczepan Urbanowicz

Trefilova Svetlana

Sadeghi Ferie-Taylor

Cynthia Stewart

Kari Steele

John Spittle

Josephine Smith

Graham W. Smith

Caroline Slack

Seabrook Leonie

Judy Rees-Thomas

Nev Logan

Bruce Griffiths

Maria Field

Szczepan Urbanowicz