Watercolour Society Queensland “A little bit about us by Marilyn Revell”

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The Watercolour Society Queensland aims to provide opportunity for adults, adolescents and children to participate in the practice and presentation of watercolour painting. This is a broad statement but it is more than that. Without swelling the numbers with new members, an organisation dies and it is imperative to maintain a younger membership as well as those who simply have the time at the end of a working life. Younger members will bring a fresh attitude and knowledge of today with them.

Our committee is made up of volunteers from all walks of life with a broad set of skills and experiences. All large groups needs organisation and substance and it is the committee who guides and challenges. However we must never leave it to the willing few to take up these positions, as they say, ‘many hands make light work’. Volunteers must also be given respect for the work they do and the room to make changes as well as being guided by the constitution.

I find it a privilege to be part of an inclusive committee and hope that I can bring something of the secretarial skills learnt during my working life, to the organisation and to assist those talented painters who join us, to fulfil their artist dreams.