Bruce Griffith Workshop on 14th, 15th, and 16th of February 2020.

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Bruce Griffiths
Flyer for the workshop

Attending the workshops will quicken your journey. Bruce has worked with world leaders in watercolour & offers invaluable techniques & tips to master this exciting medium. Register now!   

Friday 14th February is valentines day – We are making it an enjoyable night with wine and nibbles.  Let’s have some fun and recharge the batteries.  Call a watercolour painting buddy and join us.

Bruce will demonstrate and then you will join in and paint under his supervision and tutoring.  Bruce offers invaluable techniques & tips to master

Saturday the 15th and Sunday 16th February 2020 are full-day workshops –  Serious, full-day learning of valuable techniques, 

Location:   The Coro Hotel 28 McDougall Street Milton.    Parking is available and it is FREE. Morning and Afternoon tea will be provided.    The Coro offers a special counter lunch at low prices so no need to bring your own lunch.  Friday the 14th is Valentine’s Day, so maybe organize with you partners or friends a light dinner before the workshop starts.   
What sort of art do you do?

Welcome to Bruce N Griffiths –  he says….my passion which is watercolour. Watercolour takes hold of each and everyone who takes up the challenge. A habit, a drug – yes it is both of these things and we are hooked for all time. We band of brothers. As a watercolourist, I create landscapes & seascapes; but also, guilty of still life, marine & animal life, limited portraits, and detail studies. I love it all “

We suggest you book and register now or call if you need more information 0419 760 993