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Watercolour can yield a variety of results that are uncompromisingly unpredictable and illusive.

Watercolour is a difficult medium to master at the best of times. Our Society run numerous workshops and classes throughout the year offering our members continuous opportunities to develop and enhance their skills. Opportunities exist for more general classes and other “taylored” learning courses.

There are various watercolour techniques to help adopt and it’s certainly a skill worth pursuing. The luminosity of watercolour can be truly magical.

january, 2020

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Szczepan Urbanowicz Workshops

Szczepan Urbanowicz offers workshops to members of watercolor society. Please take a look

Get in touch! Beginner’s Workshop! 16th January 2020 from 11 am to 2 pm

Want to learn to paint with watercolour. Embrace the challenge and learn. Our first beginner’s lessons will start on 16th January 2020. Time: 11am – 2pm $50 per session. Daytime or evening classes will be available – you will have to let us know so we can program to suit your needs.
The steps in the creation of a painting vary from artist to artist and develop over time – At the classes, you will learn what materials to use and how to get started. Start to understand watercolour basic techniques. Buying the right brushes and watercolour paper is key. Perfect for the person who wants to start from the ground level and aspire to other levels.
The best start is to “get in touch” with Watercolour Society of Queensland and talk it over with our workshops co-ordinator or private message us.

Bruce Griffiths Workshop

14th, 15th and 16th of February 2020 at The Coro Hotel 28 McDougall Street Milton.

Bruce Griffith Workshop
First Workshop of 2020! Learn and Progress your Art from Beginner to Intermediate Level!

Here is the first workshop for 2020   Bruce N. Griffiths.  Learn & progress your art from Beginners to Intermediate level.  Bruce has 17 years of developing style and direction. Bruce is a prize-winning artist, teacher, exhibitor & increasingly sought after for commissions, workshops & as demonstrator of watercolour fine art.    

Attending workshops will quicken your journey. Bruce has worked with world leaders in watercolour & offers invaluable techniques & tips to master this exciting medium. Register now!

Friday 14th February is valentines day – We are making it an enjoyable night with wine and nibbles.  Lets have some fun and recharge the batteries.  Call a watercolour painting buddy and join us.

Bruce will demonstrate and then you will join in and paint under his supervision and tutoring.  Bruce offers invaluable techniques & tips to master

Saturday the 15th and Sunday 16th February 2020 are full day workshops –  Serious, full day learning of valuable techniques, 

Location:   The Coro Hotel 28 McDougall Street Milton.    Parking is available and it is FREE.

Morning and Afternoon tea will be provided.    The Coro offers a special counter lunch at low prices so no need to bring your own lunch.  Friday the 14th is Valentines Day, so may be organise with you partners or friends a light dinner before the workshop starts.
 What sort of art do you do?

Welcome to Bruce N Griffiths –  he says….my passion which is watercolour. Watercolour takes hold of each and every one who takes up the challenge. A habit, a drug – yes it is both of these things and we are hooked for all time. We band of brothers. As a watercolourist, I create landscapes & seascapes; but also, guilty of still life, marine & animal life, limited portraits and detail studies. I love it all “

We suggest you book and register now or call if you need more information 0419 760 993

Casual Painting:

Casual Workshop in Progress

Paint, Try and Discover each  1st, 3rd and 5th Thursday of every  Month 9 am – 12 pm

Held at The Hub, 140 Weller Road, Tarragindi

Contact Jenny on 0419 760 993 or Marilyn on 0428 320 066

Casual Painting Group:    Painting watercolor gives you pleasure and great satisfaction.   Take the leap and join our Casual Watercolour Paint Group held each 1st, 3rd and 5th Thursday of the month.  Painting together is fun. You will enjoy learning from each other, sharing ideas and experiences.   It is a very social morning and a way to chat about your work, find out what other activities are happening and learn from others while enjoying your own “zone” when painting.

Come and try it, you’ll love it.  It’s casual painting, so come when it suits or when you feel like a morning painting with others.   Morning tea is a specialty!

Lessons can be arranged by appointment.

 October.  3rd, 17th, 31st

 November. 7th and 21st.  

December   5th and 19th.  

 January:   Recommence on 16th January 2020


workshops payments

Please consider the specific arrangements and dates carefully before making a booking. WSQ is a not-for-profit organization operated by volunteers.

Full payment for workshops by the given date in one transaction is the WSQ preferred method of payment.

If there is a request to cancel the booking, the deposit will be refunded as follows:

-more than 3 months to commencement date of workshop full refund of deposit
3 months or less but more than 2 months 50% of deposit
2 months or less no refund of deposit

WSQ will NOT refund the balance with less than 2 months’ notice.

WSQ will NOT refund attendees on a pro-rata basis for workshop time that you are unable to attend.


WSQ prefers payment by EFT to BSB 06-4405 Acct No. 0092 1834.
Please forward confirmation of payment to both: and

(stating which workshop/class you have booked for)

Classes – More general in nature and are structured and over a period of time.

Workshops – Short and intensive to focus on specific outcomes.