Watercolour can yield a variety of results that are uncompromisingly unpredictable and illusive.

Watercolour is a difficult medium to master at the best of times. Our Society run numerous workshops and classes throughout the year offering our members continuous opportunities to develop and enhance their skills. Opportunities exist for more general classes and other “taylored” learning courses.

There are various watercolour techniques to help adopt and it’s certainly a skill worth pursuing. The luminosity of watercolour can be truly magical.



workshops payments

Please consider the specific arrangements and dates carefully before making a booking. WSQ is a not-for-profit organization operated by volunteers.

Full payment for workshops by the given date in one transaction is the WSQ preferred method of payment.

If there is a request to cancel the booking, the deposit will be refunded as follows:

-more than 3 months to commencement date of workshop full refund of deposit
3 months or less but more than 2 months 50% of deposit
2 months or less no refund of deposit

WSQ will NOT refund the balance with less than 2 months’ notice.

WSQ will NOT refund attendees on a pro-rata basis for workshop time that you are unable to attend.


WSQ prefers payment by EFT to BSB 06-4405 Acct No. 0092 1834.
Please forward confirmation of payment to both: and

(stating which workshop/class you have booked for)

Classes – More general in nature and are structured and over a period of time.

Workshops – Short and intensive to focus on specific outcomes.